Cheap Divorce Lawyers in Atlanta, GA

Posted on May 24, 2017

National Cheap Lawyer Service in Atlanta, GA offers affordable legal services for a fast and uncontested divorce. The usual divorce proceedings tend to be costly and time-consuming. Our divorce lawyers offer quality service for a very reasonable price.

Cheap Divorce Attorney in Atlanta, GA handles child custody and child support

Child support is one of the factors that a spouse may consider prior to filing a divorce. There are a lot of factors that go into obtaining child support. The amount of child custody and income to be claimed via financial affidavit are the largest factors that are considered.

In Atlanta, like other cities, a driver’s license suspension may be used as motivation by the state if the parent in question does not pay child support on time, or at all. Other legal remedies are being found in contempt and facing possible incarceration in county jail.

Your choice of a child custody lawyer has a direct impact on child support, which will be factored based on the state’s family law guidelines. Call one of our child custody and divorce attorneys to check what legal options you have.

Cheap Alimony and Divorce Attorney in Atlanta

It is strongly suggested that a spouse consult with an experienced divorce lawyer with regards to alimony or spousal support. Alimony may be a temporary remedy to a spouse who is completely dependent on the financial capacity of the other. This may be durational or lifetime in nature. Consulting with a cheap Atlanta alimony lawyer is recommended for you to better understand your legal options. These proceedings usually take a long time thus it would be a wise decision to hire an affordable yet experienced divorce professional.

Cheap Military Divorce Lawyer in Atlanta

We have brave heroes from the United States Armed Forces who are in need of a divorce. Several factors come into play, which are different from a civilian divorce. These factors include military pensions, housing allowances, child custody, and several other important items. Choosing our experienced Atlanta attorneys will make the divorce proceedings smoother especially when a spouse involved in serving the country.

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