Posted on May 15, 2017

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Cheap Lawyers and Cheap Attorney Fees

National Cheap Lawyer Service is committed to help those in need of expert legal advice and can only afford so much. Our professional lawyers are experts in their fields and are willing to provide their legal service at a reduced cost. This will enable more people to obtain proper legal representation. Our attorney’s fees are about 50% less than the usual charge of other law firms. It is important to note that filing fees with the court are standard but a free consultation with one of our affordable attorneys can help you with your legal queries.

The combination of expertise in law and cheap lawyer fees is extremely advantageous to those in need of legal help.

Our thrust is to help as many people as we can with quality and affordable legal representation.

Contact us if you need a cheap US attorney who can help you with your needs. If you are an attorney with cheap fees, feel free to contact us to reach out to clients in your area.

Cheap Divorce Lawyers and Cheap Divorce Attorney Fees

Hiring an affordable divorce lawyer can save you quite a sum of money. A skilled divorce lawyer can help you with a contested fight over child custody, timeshare, child support, alimony, spousal support, and equitable distribution of assets and property.

An uncontested divorce is a more affordable and simpler option. This tends to be a healthier resolution to the concerned parties as long as your legal rights are well taken care off.

Cheap Family Attorney Fees and Cheap Family Lawyer Fees

Trust is an important factor when it comes to finding a suitable family lawyer. It may be difficult to search for the ideal candidate but we are here to help you find a compatible match for your legal needs.

Family lawyers are needed in cases after a divorce when you are seeking child support, timeshare, child custody, alimony, or lifting a driver’s license suspension.

Family lawyers are also helpful to those who were never married but need to establish paternity, timeshare, child custody, parental or visitation rights.

No matter what your family law needs are, we are ready to provide competent lawyers at a very affordable price.

Cheap Criminal Lawyer and Cheap Criminal Attorney Fees

When faced with criminal charges, several dilemmas come into mind especially with regards to your personal and professional life. An experienced criminal attorney will be able to properly represent your case. We provide great quality of legal services at a minimal cost.

Criminal lawyers can help the client with charges such as being arrested for drugs, burglary, assault, illegal possession of firearms or concealed weapons, attempted murder, theft, larceny, grand theft, sexual assault, violation of probation, murder, or possession of a controlled substance.

Regardless of what offense you have done, a good criminal lawyer will do their best to clear your criminal record. Get in touch with one of our cheap criminal lawyers for a free consultation.

Cheap DUI / DWI Lawyer and Cheap DUI / DWI Attorney Fees

If you have been arrested on a drinking and driving related case, finding a capable DUI / DWI lawyer can help you in having your charges reduced and dismissed.

Getting charged with a DUI and DWI can negatively affect your present and future employment. Certain professions are regulated by a code of ethics and such offenses can be detrimental to your career. This is especially true for skilled professionals and those with high administrative positions.

The re-occurrence of a DUI or DWI charge, as well as injury and/or death resulting from the offense, will affect the severity of the penalties.

Hiring a cheap DUI / DWI lawyer is vital in resolving your DUI / DWI charges.

Cheap Bankruptcy Lawyer and Cheap Bankruptcy Attorney Fees

Americans were allowed by the United States federal courts to file for bankruptcy for both individual and business purposes. The courts allow us to make payment arrangements to repay or, in some special cases, forgive our debts. Hiring a cheap and expert bankruptcy lawyer is imperative when you are in a dire financial status.

Our team of bankruptcy lawyers can file a personal Chapter 7 bankruptcy for you to be able to discharge a great deal of your unpaid debts. This can be filed individually or jointly with a spouse as long as you meet the guidelines imposed by the federal bankruptcy courts. If successful in qualifying for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you may be able to start your financial life on a clean slate.

If you do not meet the Chapter 7 bankruptcy guidelines, our lawyers can file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This will allow you to keep more personal property. Chapter 13 will give you the flexibility to keep the assets you want as long as they pass the guidelines provided by the federal bankruptcy courts. This may be filed as an individual or jointly with a spouse.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy deals with business financial reorganization. Not all lawyers who can candle Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcies can handle Chapter 11 bankruptcies. Business bankruptcy is more complex as it falls in line with business law as opposed to personal bankruptcy.

Cheap Business Lawyer and Cheap Business Attorney Fees

A business law attorney can be useful when structuring or growing a business entity. Having a business lawyer can help your company function, legal advice, and contracts.

Your business attorney can create non-compete and non-disclosure contracts to protect your intellectual property by being acquired by an employee. There are also contracts that can protect your business from your vendors, allow you to seek financial and legal remedies based on performance, billing, and other aspects beneficial to your business.

A strong legal backbone can keep your business afloat especially in times of legal dispute. Having a qualified business law attorney helps you keep an upper hand over your competitors and keep your enterprise running smoothly.

Cheap Real Estate Lawyers And Cheap Real Estate Attorney Fees

Today’s economy poses the need for estate planning lawyer or asset protection lawyers. A well-equipped estate planning lawyer can aid in protecting your assets during this volatile period. They can ensure that your stakeholders are secure, should you become incapacitated mentally or physically. Our estate planning lawyers can guarantee the proper distribution and survivorship of your business and personal estate.

Estate planning includes wills, power of attorney, living will, trust, trustees, among may others. Feel free to reach out to for a consultation to determine how to protect your assets.

Cheap Immigration Lawyer and Cheap Immigration Attorney Fees

An expert immigration lawyer can help you attain your visa and green card.

A number of clients seek the services of an immigration lawyer but find it hard to afford their services. Our rates are very competitive so the public may avail of our services.

The success of an immigration case relies on the skills of the immigration lawyer involved. It is important to hire someone with notable experience and reasonable prices. This can make all the difference in the client and their family’s lives.

Cheap Civil Litigation Attorney and Cheap Lawsuit Attorney Fees

Business should employ a patent law attorney when creating or growing a patent entity. Several needs and contracts may arise in time and a competent patent lawyer can handle these future legal necessities.

Your patent law attorney can create non-compete and non-disclosure contracts to protect your intellectual property by being acquired by an employee. There are also contracts that can protect your business from your vendors, allow you to seek financial and legal remedies based on performance, billing, and other aspects beneficial to your business.

An accomplished patent law attorney can help keep your company afloat especially when involved with legal disputes.

Cheap Tax Lawyer and Cheap Tax Attorney Fees

Social Security candidates who are not capable of producing their own income can be guided by one of our cheap Social Security, SSI, and disability lawyers.  If you qualify for Social Security benefits, our attorneys can tackle your case on contingency. Payment for our services will only be collected if you collect your benefit. Consult one of our disability lawyers for free legal advice.

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